British Rose Hydrating Mask

🌿Hello and Happy Sunday! I finally found a face mask that smells like a dreamy rose garden!
🌹 The natural British Rose hydrating mask by HuangJiSoo is a silky soft skin fitting daily sheet mask that contains English Roses rose water essence that effectively soothes, hydrates and rejuvenates my skin.
That healthy and refreshing 15 min a day cooling drink of hydration gives my skin a rosy vitality and fills it with clean moisture while I'm immersing myself in pure Rose scent that makes me dream of rose garden and rose lemonade. I find the mask very watery and refreshing - an absolute must for summer days when my skin needs a good dose of hydration. What I find absolutely fascinating about this face mask is the incredible bouquet of great ingredients in it ( i.e. Pomegranate or Ginseng ) that are super beneficial for a healthy skin!
🌿 K e y  I n g r e d i e n t s 
- Cabbage Rose Flower Water
- Squalane (component extracted from olives)
- Chamomile Flower Extract
- Mushroom Extract
- Pomegranate Extract
- Panax Ginseng Root Extract 
- Camellia Leaf Extract 
- White Mulberry Leaf Extract 
- Gingko Bilona Leaf Extract 
- Grape Seed Extract 
- Propolis Extract
🌿 P a c k a g i n g 
Packaging is large and luxurious looking with cute design which I absolutely adore 💖 It has information and directions in English that are very clear to understand. One packet comes with 5 sheet masks.
🌿 U s e 
⏱15 min of this rose heaven is all it takes to wake up my skin and supply it with rich moisture 🌹🌹🌹 I use the mask after cleansing with toner or rose water. The face mask is a lingerie skin fit sheet soaked with cooling gel formula which can be well adjusted to fit the face thoroughly.
🌿 E f f e c t
Cooling and hydrating effect that supplies rich moisture to my skin.
🌿 M y R a t i n g
5/5 ❤

You can buy British Rose face mask at:

March 2018 So Susan Color Curate Subscription

I am so happy I found So Susan Color Curate beauty subscription bag. I am subscribed to 3 other subscriptions but none of them can ever make me as happy as this one - this subscription seems to always be perfectly curated and never boring. March is my birthday month, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive my March bag of treats a day before my birthday! The illustration on the bag is so beautiful and delicate and the bag itself is made out of spill-proof vinyl material not from fabric so it will last long. My favorite item in the bag is the Trifle Cosmetics Honeycomb eye shadow palette with its shimmery blendable and highly pigmented shades with sweet names like Cake Decor and Banana Puree, and the palette has such a yummy and sweet scent, it's a treat every time I use it! The So Susan Canvas Conceal Palette is perfect for my skin tone. The Jelly Pong Pong Play Stain is creamy, slightly pigmented and so soft on the lips - it's very hard to find a lip product that gives that soft feeling on the lips so I am thankful I discovered it through the subscription. I haven't used the Jelly Puff yet so I can't say anything about it except that the packaging looks super cute and summery and I am very excited to use it next!

You can find Color Curate subscription bags >here<

The Love Witch

I've been totally under the spell of The Love Witch! A quirky, seductive and visually stunning feminist art film, a delight for the eyes beautifully shot in a 60s vintage aesthetics written, produced, and directed by brilliant Anna Biller. I absolutely love the costumes and set design and I'm so looking forward to watching more witchy movies!!


ONLY IN L.A. Vintage 80s floral dress
 Cut from floral fabric, this romantic shabby floral dress ties up at the back to accentuate your waist and flatteringly frame your silhouette. We love how the deep neckline balances the structured shoulders.

 MOON GARDENER 90s Grunge Dress - Satin 90s Maxi Floral Dress 
 Uncomplicated elegance, this effortless 90s slip maxi dress by Breakin' Loose  features lustrous shine, delicate floral pattern, and a leg-baring slit at back.

'IT'S COMPLICATED' Vintage Kate Geddes Top

Artist Kate Geddes is known for her intricate and cross-cultural art and design concepts, her pieces have a stylish bohemian look and feel and are manufactured in India. This vintage Kate Geddes shirt is made from whisper-weight rayon fabric cut for a relaxed oversized fit.

Movie List: Whimsical and Surreal Tales

Whimsical and Surreal Tales - a movie list with my favorite whimsical fairytale movies that I love to watch and rewatch.

*RUSALOCHKA* The Little Mermaid - the most beautiful version yet!

Color of the Month: Rose Rouge

Rose Rouge is a passionate, bold and mysterious hue that tempts and captivates. A stimulating crimson between red, pink and violet but not as bright as fuchsia.


90s 'GYPSY ROSES' Grunge Dress 

 This 90 grunge black mini dress is offset by flowers blooming in vibrant colors. The cut of the dress follows the body for an exacting fit!

90s 'GYPSY ROSES' Grunge Dress - Vintage 90s Dress - Floral Grunge Dress - Floral Dress - 90s Gypsy Dress - 90s Clothing 90s grunge vintage

Twin Peaks Inspired Fashion Editorial in Sassy Mag October 1990

 "ON the surface, the quaint rural BLISS of dirt roads,
diners AND sawmills. But underneath the age-old Douglas firs lurk mysteries EVEN the sheriff doesn't know about. COULD be your town. Could be YOU. So dress the part in clothes that are INNOCENT and sexy, naive and SOPHISTICATED - a look that's MEANT to intrigue.
 THEN WAIT for the FBI." - Sassy Magazine October 1990
                                                                                      Credit Images: remy/rogue
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